Frequently asked questions

Where are the coaches from?

The camps are directed and supervised by FC Barcelona Coaches which have come over from the FCB Escola in Barcelona. The maximum Player to Coach ratio’s is set at: 1:12

How do I register for my child to take part.

You can head to our event pages for each city which will provide you with the details of each camp. At the bottom of the page there is a button to register your child to take part. Follow the promps and once you are done you will receive confirmation via e-mail that your child is registered. Click below to head to event page: Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth

How are the training groups decided?

For the first session of the camp participants will be grouped by age ( U10, U12, U14, U16). From there players are assessed and grouped according to skill level and in order to achieve the best player development outcomes.

Will there be specific goalkeeper training?

Yes, we will have Goalkeeper’s coaches and specific training sessions. At Barça Futsal Goalkeepers are considered the 5th field player and this is taken seriously, therefore all Goalkeepers will also participate in field player exercises during the sessions.

Where will I be able to find photo's from the camp?

All Camp photos will be posted on our Facebook page - click here

Check it out… and feel free to give us a ‘like’ while you’re there

If you are not on facebook our photo's will be uploaded to our website in due course.

What should players wear to sessions?

Players will be provided with kit and the first day of camp which is included in the cost of camp and for which you will select sizes during registration. Players are required to wear this kit. Players are requested not to wear any other kit and no other kit with logos.

Are parents allowed to watch?

Parents are welcome to watch training sessions. All we ask is that they remain off the field at all time and do not interfere in the process of the program (by talking or calling out to their player). Please note: that our futsal camps are scheduled mainly in recreational centres with many varying facilities. Some of these fantastic facilities include cafes, swimming pools, gymnasiums, small children recreation, and other local community events that families can enjoy whilst our futsal camps are in progress, For information of the available facilities, please contact the centers directly.

What should players bring to sessions?

Players must pack:

·Indoor Futsal shoes

·Shin Pads

·Water Bottle (full)

·Snacks (i.e. fruit)


Still have more questions?

email us @ info@fcbfutsal.com or click here to fill in our contact us form with your questions.

What if I need to cancel?

If for any reason you need to cancel your Camp booking please email us on info@fcbfutsal.com

What age is the training for?

Players between 9 to 16 Years of age.

How do I pay?

Registration is done via the registernow plateform. Payment is taken at the end by debit, visa, mastercard, american express or paypal. A credit card payment fee is applicable depending on which you use but is detailed when you get to payment options.